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This site is designed to include all those who are interested in what the future of hospitality & tourism might be like. You are a:

  • Hospitality / Tourism Entrepreneur or Business Owner
  • GM / Asst/Dep GM / Exec/Head Chef, Area/Reg Mgr
  • CEO/COO/CPO or other Exec Leadership Team member
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  • Industry Association or Chamber of Commerce
  • Government Economic Development
  • Municipal / State / Fed / National Government
  • Media Commenting On The Hospitality / Tourism Industry
  • Academics / Researchers 

Now let’s take a look at why Future of Hospitality was created and then a little bit about David Carruthers, who created this concept.

Future Of Hospitality...

Future of Hospitality was launched in April 2022 by David Carruthers, at the time, to help business leaders be more aware of the increasingly ‘dynamic’ external environment and the challenges heading towards the industry. 

At that time, back in April 2022, most operators shared one big problem, that they didn’t have enough staff and this had been a so since they re-opened late in 2021 after pandemic restrictions were lifted. 

David presented the first monthly Industry Insights briefing in May 2022 and shared what he saw as the challenges and opportunities heading towards the industry. There were several converging crises which seemed to be creating the perfect storm.

Since then David launched a newsletter which has more than 6,000 leaders in our industry subscribed and a podcast will be launched soon.

His aim is to inspire & encourage conversations to take place that help shape the future of the industry in a way that benefits local economies & communities, nature & the planet. 

His first priority has been to help operators transform their performance and survive the tsunami that’s heading our way so they can thrive going forward. 

We focus on helping leaders understand their external environment better, enabling better strategic decisions to be made. We use a PESTLE analysis plus other insights, to act as headlights in the dark being switched to ‘main beam’, so we can see the hazards ahead, so that industry operators can thrive, not just survive. 

We can sit passively waiting to see what happens or we can co-create the future of hospitality & tourism that we prefer…

Image of David Carruthers, founder of Future of Hospitality

David Carruthers: Founder, Future of Hospitality – Strategist | Mentor | Speaker

David Carruthers...

David has over 40 years in the hospitality & tourism industry. He enjoyed a 15 year corporate career in multi-site groups in hospitality with a stint in B2B at board level, working through GM, area manager, director of marketing, regional director, strategy director and then being headhunted from London to Melbourne to establish what would become Australia’s second largest pub & restaurant group, from scratch.

He then enjoyed a 12 year entrepreneurial journey, building his own group, to 6 businesses, a commercial property and 8 apartments. He became a multi-millionaire within 5 years, despite wealth not being his primary driver. He was also elected president of his chamber of commerce over 4 years, founding president of a tourism association and a board member for Port Phillip eco-centre.

David went through burnout after living through a real-life mini-series of the Sopranos which cost him a few million dollars and almost his life. His health & wellbeing recovery became an experiment on himself, that led to him taking a greater interest in, and incorporating wellbeing into his consulting & mentoring practice that he has been building since 2016.

David has an MBA, postgraduate diploma in strategic marketing & diploma in leadership coaching & mentoring, is a qualified trainer & facilitator. He completed the Melbourne tourism industry leadership program (MTILP), the centre for sustainability leadership (CSL) fellowship program and gained accreditation to deliver the GLWS leadership wellbeing instrument. 

David is currently reading a masters degree in regenerative economics in the UK. His aim is to understand alternative economic models and ways of (re)building local economies & communities, and at the same time, protecting nature and the planet. He’s looking at this through the lens of the hospitality & tourism industry. 

David’s Future of Hospitality initiative, his mentoring & consulting practice, his 40+ years of leadership & strategy experience and his masters in regenerative economics all seem to be coming together in 2023, like ingredients in a recipe. Time will tell what emerges…