What Is The
Future of Hospitality?

Monthly online Events to create conversations that inspire a thriving & regenerative future of Hospitality

Future Of Hospitality Events

For 2 years David ran the Future of Hospitality ‘insights’ monthly eventwith over 2,500 leaders attending one, more or several events. From May 2024 we have broken out key themes from the main event so we can focus more attention on each one and also allow you to elect the subject you’re most interested in.

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future of hospitality event for career focused professionals

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What's The Future of Hospitality
For Career-focused Professionals
& Aspiring Leaders?

Designed For Career-focused Professionals Such As Venue & Hotel GMs, Head Chefs, HQ, Line & Venue Leaders - All Hospitality & Tourism Leaders Welcome

We know we’ve got systemic issues in our industry, yet those who can change the industry choose to bury their heads in the sand and ignore the elephant in the room.

We know from multiple research studies and surveys that work-life balance and well-being are major issues in our industry. 

We know that staff say clearly in these surveys they’d like to be trained to do their job. How embarrassing is it for our industry that this is the case?

We know that you say in surveys that you don’t feel like your get enough support to develop your career. And then we wonder why we see, year after year, enormous amounts of talented individuals with heaps of knowledge and passion, leaving our industry.

We know that Gen Z staff want to work for organisations that have meaning, purpose and direction, yet most businesses don’t have a greater purpose than solely making profit.

So what can we do differently? Well, ‘regenerative hospitality‘ is a different approach to doing business which I believe it’s the Future of Hospitality, and means:

  • we thrive
  • our people thrive
  • our businesses thrive
  • our communities thrive
  • our natural environments thrive

Sounds too hard? Well, we could just do more of the same. How about that? I’d rather try to make-a-difference. If you do too, then join me for this event, where we’ll have a conversation around this subject and consider ways to we can transform our industry for the better.

Free Monthly Event

What's The Future of Hospitality For
Founders/CEOs & Business owners?

Designed For Venue Owners & Multi-site Group Founders
But Open To Profit Accountable GMs & Area Managers

It’s tough owning a venue, being the founder of a group you’re scaling or being the CEO of a multi-site group 

As an entrepreneur and multi-site group founder myself, for 12 years, I have first-hand experience of the challenges faced by hospitality operators. Before that I was headhunted to be CEO of a multi-site group subsidiary of Lion, an ASX100 corporation, setting it up literally from scratch.

We’re going through the toughest time the industry has faced in modern history with record numbers of businesses going bust. Many businesses managing to survive now, aren’t sure how to develop their strategy to thrive and succeed in the future.

This event will be run as a livestream on LinkedIn, YouTube and Facebook. It will be predominantly a Q&A style event. I’ll deal with questions from venue owners and multi-site group founders/CEOs as well as profit accountable GMs, area managers and others who want to grow their business or the one they manage.

My focus is on improving current performance and developing strategy to move forward. Join me.

Free Monthly Event

What's The Future of Hospitality
For All Leaders & Professionals?

Designed For All Hospitality & Tourism Leaders
Sharing Insights About What's Coming Around The Corner

I’ve now been running this event since May 2022, initially as a Zoom video meeting but more recently as a LinkedIn social audio event, which are a novel and fun way to engage. 

Because I’m now breaking out 3 event topics we formerly included in this session, I’ll be able to keep this event focused on key insights about challenges coming around the corner and what opportunities can be taken advantage of. 

This is a LinkedIn social audio event. You can listen in the background or get more involved by joining me ‘on stage’ to ask questions or share your own insights. Join us for our next event.


Every 'Fourth Monday' Event

Regenerative Hospitality & Tourism

Designed For Industry Operators, Industry Association Leaders,
Academics, Researchers & Other Regenerative Experts

This event gives us the opportunity to develop a conversation about the Future of Hospitality being a regenerative future. I want to provide a space for operators, industry organisation leaders, academics, researchers and other interested experts to share and develop their thinking.

My own interest in regenerative and sustainable hospitality began in the mid-2000s. By 2009, I converted one of my restaurants into what we now call ‘farm to fork’ or ‘produce to plate’. In 2010-11, as founding president of the St Kilda Tourism Association, I led he development of what might now be called a regenerative tourism strategy. In 2015, I graduated from the Centre for Sustainability Leadership (CSL) Fellowship Program and in 2022, I came to the UK to study a master’s in regenerative economics which I’m currently completing my dissertation research, focused on regenerative hospitality.

My aim with this separate event is to enable us to dig deep on the subject of regenerative hospitality (which intersects with regenerative tourism). 

This event will be run as a Zoom video meeting and is likely by its nature to be a relatively small group, allowing contributions from attendees and the development of a deep conversation.