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I developed my hospitality career in large UK multi-site groups and was headhunted from London to Melbourne by an ASX100 listed company to be first employee and subsidiary CEO setting up from scratch what became Australia’s 2nd largest pub-restaurant group within 8 months.

I set-up my own multi-site group becoming a multi-millionaire within 5 years, but by year 12 suffering 5 hospitalisations in 12 months and burnt out following events that resembled living through a real-life mini-series cross between the Sopranos & House of Cards. 

I spent 2-3 years recovering my health & well-being, a journey that encouraged to share my learnings with other leaders to help create not only great business results but also living life too. 

I was elected by my peers as president of a business association for 4 years, founding president of a tourism association for 2 years and was on the board of an eco-centre for 1 year. I completed the Melbourne Tourism Industry Leadership Program (MTILP) and the Centre for Sustainability Leadership (CSL) fellowship program.

I hold an MBA, postgraduate diploma in strategic marketing, diploma in leadership coaching & mentoring, certified facilitator, currently completing an MA in regenerative economics.

Depending on the size of your group, I work in different ways to support you on your transformation journey from where you are now to where you want to be. Normally 3-12 months.

For CEOs & founders (& execs) I offer 1:1 mentoring / exec coaching
I facilitate strategy development with exec leadership teams
I offer in-house group training & mentoring for GMs and/or head chefs

I am here to help you develop / revise your strategy and can help you successfully implement your strategy through area managers and GMs or venue managers. 

I have a program focusing on work-life balance & well-being for GMs and head chefs that I offer to individuals and can run them as bespoke in-house group programs.

For those seeking to decentralise or encourage GMs to be more ‘entrepreneurial’, I run programs tailoring the customer experience and strategic marketing mix to local conditions to optimise performance.

 If you need different outcomes than you’re getting, please feel free to book a call with me and let’s have a chat. I’ve walked in your shoes and there’s few people you’ll chat with who have! 

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