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Multi-site groups

Get Better Results Now & Build Long Term Success
By Enabling Your People, Places & Planet To Thrive


Focus on well-being & life-balance to improve commitment & retention as well as taking positive action to avoid burnout. Bring clarity to what venue leaders can do to respond 'entrepreneurially' to rapidly changing local conditions.


Taking positive action to support local economies & communities and optimise social impact. Make your venues important contributions to their local economies and communities through connection with customers, staff and suppliers.


Having group sustainability goals is important. Empowering & encouraging venue managers & staff to engage and contribute positively to their local natural environments. Younger staff want to work for employers who care & take action.

Why I'm Passionate About Helping You Thrive

I bring together my 40+ years of hospitality & tourism leadership & strategy experience with more recent well-being knowledge to offer a unique service offering that supports industry leaders, owners, founders and professionals in transforming results and helping them to thrive. 

In addition to this I bring my passion for hospitality to be a force for good and bring together our ability to support local communities and economies and also to make-a-difference when it comes to restoring nature, not destroying it.

I’ve enjoyed a long & successful career in hospitality, through multi-site groups to being a CEO of a group I created for a listed public company after being headhunted from London to Melbourne. 

Then 12 years building my own group as a founder & entrepreneur, becoming a multi-millionaire after 5 years. 

Following stints as president of two business and tourism associations (6 years) where I apparently pissed off the ‘wrong people’ by stopping & slowing down $billions of Victorian construction projects. I found myself hospitalised

5 times in 12 months which led to a burnout. Living through a real-life mini-series mix of The Sopranos and House of Cards can do that for you! 

My incredibly successful 2-3 year health & well-being recovery journey gave me insights into managing our own holistic well-being that I wish I’d known decades earlier, and so I now share these insights with my mentoring clients, using the GLWS leadership well-being assessment tool I’m accredited to use.

I ran about 3,000 arts & music events across my venues and launched the first ‘paddock-to-plate’, ‘farm-to-fork’ restaurant before they were a thing. That wet my appetite for a more sustainable approach to hospitality. That led me to complete the Centre for Sustainability Leadership (CSL) fellowship program and that’s led me to be completing a masters in regenerative economics at the moment. 

During the CSL program we had to come up with a project and mine was to “create the most sustainable restaurant in the world”. I realised I can leverage greater change in the world by encouraging others to this, not just doing it myself. That’s what Future of Hospitality is all about. Making a difference.

How I Work With Multi-site Groups

I prefer to be on the transformation journey with you rather than coming in as a traditional ‘consultant’ to suggest a fix to an issue and walk away.

You can bring me in to help you transform an outcome, in the following ways: 

Ever thought it might be useful to have a former corporate multi-site group strategy director & CEO who then founded his own group for 12 years on hand to:

  • support executive level decision-making 
  • participate in senior exec & other meetings
  • help prepare for & implement organisational change
  • support specific strategic projects (M&A, reposition etc)

I thought you might! Well, now you can. From half a day per month plus on-call exec support.

Bring me in for 3 months to start. If we’re both happy and we like each other then we can extend it. If you use me smartly, you’ll get 5-10 x RoI minimum directly in addition to more indirect & intangible benefits.

Working with C-suite execs individually over 3-12 month periods to transform strategic outcomes. Examples include:

  • helping CPOs improve org. well-being, balance & resilience
  • helping new CEOs/COOs focus on first 100-days traction
  • assisting non-hospitality C-suite appointments get traction
  • helping CFOs scenario plan alternative strategies
  • helping CMOs reposition market/product offers

Leadership Team Well-being Development

Improving senior exec team well-being is a great way for the value of improved well-being and the language of well-being to be understood so it can be leveraged throughout the organisation to increase leadership retention and performance. We use GLWS well-being assessments.  

Leadership Team Strategy Development 

I facilitate a vision & strategy development process. This may be a first time exercise or a review point that’s required because the existing strategy needs to be developed given a changed external environment.

Depending which country I’m in at the time and how you prefer to run this process, we can do this face-to-face as an off-site activity or online over a few sessions, sometimes a combination of both.

Helping You 

GMs / Head Chefs / Future Leaders 

3-6-12 month leadership development focused on well-being, life-balance & improved performance. 

Weekly online coaching sessions & self-paced online training modules, tailored to your specific needs.

Regional / Area Managers

For larger groups it can be useful to run a cohort for area managers ahead of running a GM and/or head chef cohort.

Head Office Cohorts

If improving well-being becomes an organisational imperative, then head office cohorts can be organised.  

‘Remedial Performance Management’

Give me a group of underperforming GMs for 3-6 months and I’ll give you back 50-80% of them doing better, being better and feeling better. 

A better outcome for you than ‘managing out’ and replacing. 

Your Next Step - Book A Call With Me

Let’s start with a short conversation to say G’day and discuss your challenges and the transformations you’d like to achieve. Feel free to bring a colleague or two if it helps you (if you do, please have each person on individual screens if possible). If I can’t help you, I might know somebody who can.